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Chose  the model  that you like and  once you have chosen it you can order it in the published color or you can contact us by 
whatsapp  to request the model in the color of leather that you like the most.


Nuestros productos son PERSONALIZADOS y se hacen A PEDIDO en el color que prefieras. Las fotos que ilustran cada modelo son referenciales y no limitan el color del producto, sino que están para apreciar el modelo y luego solicitarlo en el color que prefieras. Solo algunos modelos están limitados en su color pero en la descripción así lo detalla.

Momentaneamente nuestra linea de calzado se encuentra suspendida.

How do I measure my foot?

While most of us are well aware of our shoe size, L'Atelier de Charlotte asks its customers to complete this exercise prior to confirming their size since our shoes are personalized and made-to-measure.

Each of our clients has a card where we will record this data only once and thus ensure that they do not make a mistake when ordering their shoes since they cannot be tried on until after they have been made.

We do not have stock of any shoes  because each one of them is personalized to the style of each one of us.

The preparation time is estimated at one week.

¿cómo mido mi pie?

1 . Lay a sheet of paper on the floor and stand on it. 
2. Mark the length of your longest toe and then measure the distance to the heel.

The following values are referential for Chatitas:

number 35                    23cm

number 36                    23.5cm

number 37                    24.3cm

number 38                    25cm

number 39                    10"

number 40                    26.3cm

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