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Who is Charlotte?

Charlotte is me, Carla Tonini. For those who know me, a restless ass.

Life took me to several places before becoming Charlotte, in fact to become Charlotte I had to transform from Susanita into Mafalda.

It is in this transition that I discover my passion, creativity. I capture it in the tourism market by designing experiences for companies and individuals where, beyond the design process, I am lucky enough to be able to live them with them and thus witness the dream of the objective fulfilled. I love to travel. I love to know new places. I love seeing my clients enjoy themselves.

At the end of 2018, about to close my 42nd trip around the sun (The theory of sevens applies perfectly in my life) is that I feel the need to create something tangible and that is where the crazy idea of creating shoes arises. I LOVE SHOES, especially flats, a personal brand.

It is in this learning process where taking full advantage of my teacher's knowledge is that I discover my passion for sewing. This is how my handbag designs arise, taking advantage of free time in making shoes.

In my life I never stay with "half measures" that is why I decide to undertake this new challenge as an entrepreneurship.

Today L'Atelier de Charlotte is a reality and my days are spent between molds and new designs of bags and shoes.

How it started  everything?

where did it start  everything?

How does each design come about?

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